Last Thursday I was lucky enough to participate the Bridgestone Winter Driving School right here in Steamboat Springs. Just a couple miles west of town, on a snow covered course, I had the pleasure to take a full day session/lesson on winter and ice driving, automobile mechanics 101 and smart driving skills from real driving professionals. The entire experience was a blast. Our teacher had us practicing real maneuvers in simulated situations, building our confidence on the track and in our personal driving skills. I recommend that everyone check out this driving school. Regardless of your age and your driving skill level this program will make you a better driver. Check out the Bridgestone Winter Driving School online.

“The Bridgestone Winter Driving School offers a full range of winter driving programs for all abilities, from the novice to the seasoned professional. Our snow and ice covered courses are some of the world's finest, and our professional coaches will guide you toward more confident driving in challenging winter conditions.” - Bridgestone Winter Driving School Website

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