You would call the days we had this weekend “blue bird” days. The kind of days where there is not a cloud in the sky and as far as you can see the sky is a clear, crisp cobalt blue.

In this pre-snow period here in Steamboat these days are made for being outside and enjoying the area. This is when we take advantage of the lingering warm weather to enjoy activities like hiking, biking and taking your dog for a stroll.

Saturday I hiked the Spring Creek Trail. With lush forests surrounding and the peaceful steam along side it was a great way to comfortably take pleasure in the outdoors. My Sunday hike was more of a challenge. I hiked up to the quarry at the top of Emerald Mountain with my boyfriend and his little 13 week old puppy. A tough up hill climb with an extraordinary view at the top with view of highway 40 spanning from Rabbit Ears Pass in the east to Sleeping Giant in the West. In one word: Breathtaking!