I love Mondays…it’s a great day to wake up, smell the coffee, and embrace the idea of a fresh week.  This past Monday, I made a goal of incorporating something new into my week.  I was looking for something fun and maybe slightly out of my comfort zone to beat a case of the mid-winter blues.

A friend suggested I look into African Dance.  Yes, African Dance!  Steamboat is fortunate to have many creative individuals and resources available to offer a variety of dance classes, extra-curricular activities, and random hobbies available at our fingertips.   I really had no idea what to expect as I walked into the class held at the Art Depot. 

My anxious nerves instantly turned into a burst of adrenaline when the drummers started beating a bold rhythm that hit me deep in the core.  Before I knew it, everyone in the class formed a drum circle and started doing a pattern of rapid foot stomps with boastful arm movements.  This all took place while incorporating a rapid shake at the waste.  I was told it’s all about the waste…the money maker…or lavishly shaking the gift our mothers blessed us with. 

I jumped right in standing out like a soar thumb, but I loved it! I was always two steps behind and feeling many beats off, but the most important part was I let loose and had a blast grooving to the drum beat!  It was everything I needed – a room full of positive energy, bright colors, and people just having fun.

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