Blogger, Paulette Thomas, Chamber Staff Member Yesterday was yet another taste of what is to come. The temperature was just right not to hot or to cold, making this my favorite season to run. I could not believe it when I walked out of work on my lunch break.  When I opened the door, I was immediately blasted by the sun.  A good blast of course, the sun on my skin felt so wonderful and sent me into whirlwind of thought.  What am I going to do after work??  So many wonderful options: Wash my car? Go for a hike? No, none of these seemed to spark my interest.  Once home I spotted my running shoes, threw them on and out the door I went.  I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. The closer we get to summer, everyday becomes one for the record books, blue skies and warm perfect temperatures. I must acknowledge yesterday for all that it had to offer, before I start to take this great weather for granted.