With the nice sprinkling of rain that we received yesterday and the forecasted rain for today I am a happy camper!  Most of you are probably asking why and I have a number of reasons.  Our lovely green valley will become even more vibrant, the fire danger will be less, I love the smell of rain, and most of all the conditions of our trails well become above and beyond the already excellent conditions.  My favorite time to ride my bike is shortly after the rain.  Don’t be worried I am not talking when it is so wet it erodes and destroys the trails. I am talking about when the trail is the perfect amount of tackiness.  When my tires stick to the ground making windy trails extra fun and when roots have a little dampness adding a little more challenge.  This is my favorite time to ride, the smells are intense, the temperatures are great and I am out enjoying one of my favorite things to do!