Blogger Courtney Allen, Chamber Staff Member

It’s my last day at the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association as their Online Marketing and Special Events Manager. It ended up being a short six month stay for me in Steamboat Springs but an enjoyable one. As I make my way back to Denver (turns out I'm a city girl at heart) I will always remember how great the community of Steamboat Springs truly is. It was a privilege to work here at the Chamber and to see the absolute commitment the “Chamber Chicks” have to serving both their community members as well as the thousands of guests that come through each year.

Countless hours are spent on fine tuning current programs and initiatives and brainstorming up new and exciting ideas in an effort to provide the finest living and visiting experience around. Let me tell you, it takes A LOT of work behind the scenes to make a community as cohesive and inviting as this one, but the easy smiles you see here on the people who call this town home remind us that all the work is worth it.

So though I’m saying farewell to Steamboat, it’s more of a “See you later!” for once you spend a little time here, you never quite say goodbye.

Thanks for the good times and I wish all of you many more ahead.