My favorite Colorado weather saying was proved true this weekend; if you don’t like the weather, just wait twenty minutes. Steamboat Springs got quite a sampling of Colorado weather this weekend with thunder and lightening storms mixed with beautiful sunshine.

On this unpredictable weekend, I was still able to go boating on Steamboat Lake, which is just a 30-minute drive north of Steamboat Springs right next to Hahn’s Peak. We met some friends up at the marina only to be met with a rainstorm. We waited about twenty minutes, the weather cleared, and we were out on the boat in no time enjoying the entire afternoon of warm water, sunshine and good food and company. As summer comes to a close, I really enjoyed being on a boat soaking in the summer sun with kids that in a few weeks would be heading off to school and knowing that in a few short weeks the leaves would be turning. Fall is just around the corner.