What do you get when you place 70 professional rodeo cowboys and cowgirls on skis and snowboards instead of horses and bulls? You get a crazy, fun, mess and a great spectator sport.

Locals and visitors alike came out to cheer on, support and share some laughs with the participants of Steamboat’s 34th Annual Bud Light Cowboy Downhill race. From taking part in a dual slalom race including a large jump drop off, roping a ski area Ambassador and saddling a horse all before crossing the finish line. The falls, spills and laughs were plentiful and everyone in attendance was having a good time. The highlight for many was the stampede at the end of the races. All the cowboys lined up at the top of the run and in a mad dash for the finish line, chaos ensued.

This race is schedule to always coincide with the National Western Stock and Rodeo in Denver and all the gutsy cowboys at the Steamboat race are all members of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and they must be entered in the stock show. Yeehaw!