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The past year has been a crazy, unexpected year for engaged couples. When COVID-19 hit back in March, I emailed all my couples (25!) and advised them to remain positive. I had no idea we would end up postponing most weddings to 2021. After many tearful conversations, these couples made new plans,

Red, White and Blue Drive-Through

Steamboat Springs has been celebrating Cowboy’s Round-Up Days for over 100 years, and the festivities will continue this summer with the first-ever Red, White, and Blue Drive-Through, the Fourth of July celebration that comes to you! The drive-through is designed to

Supporting Local Ag in Routt County

Spring is upon us and that means that harvest season is close at hand! Everyone knows that one of the best things about summer is eating food that is local and fresh. If you are new to the area or visiting town, you may not know where to go to find the best local

Maximize your time on the sidelines during the Steamboat Marathon

Race day has finally arrived. Your spouse/kid/parent/grandchild/cousin/friend has been training for months and is now ready to run the Steamboat Marathon, Half or 10K, while you are ready to cheer them on! Where should you stand to

Events and Activities Honor Steamboat’s Unique Heritage & Lifestyle

Nothing is more quintessentially Steamboat than the annual Winter Carnival event in February. This five-day event celebrates our community’s unique western heritage and relentless enthusiasm for snow sports. Originally created by

Summer in the Yampa Valley is truly incredible, but Steamboat residents live for the WINTER! While the rest of the country kicks into hibernation mode for the winter, Steamboat is coming to life. Skis, snowboards, snowshoes, and sleds emerge from storage. Thick winter hats, scarves, and gloves

Congratulations! Your family has decided to spend the holidays in Steamboat Springs. You booked stunning accommodations and purchased lift tickets. Now you’re wondering what else you can add to the agenda to truly enjoy the holidays in Steamboat like a local. Here are a few activities and landmarks

Saying goodbye to summer is always hard – it’s the season when weekends are spent tubing the river, biking, and hiking to beautiful sunsets and hidden camp spots. Thankfully the season isn’t over yet, and if you embrace all the best things to do on Labor Day weekend you can make the most of this

Running the Steamboat Marathon: Nutrition and Training Tips to get you to the Finish Line

By Cara A. Marrs, RDN, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Hello marathoners!

Here we are again at the beginning of the year and you have signed up for an early summer race. Congratulations, you have picked one

When you live in a place where hundreds of inches of snow falls every winter, you better enjoy being in it. That was the idea, over 100 years ago, behind the first Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival. Locals created a festival to get people out of their houses, enjoy each other’s company and have some

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