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Trappers Lake, stretching across the northern edge of the Flat Top Wilderness Area, is one of Colorado’s most pristine wilderness spots. The lake area, despite being torched by a wildfire almost 20 years ago, is a marvelous region surrounded by flat-topped mountains, dotted with more than 110

Interested in a Northwest Colorado road trip this summer? We think the Tour de Noco is a perfect trip for you and your family to experience the natural beauty of Northern Colorado. The best part? We’ve included as many no reservations needed experiences and options that showcase our wide-open

Insider Tips for Escaping the Crowds

Steamboat Springs may be a small mountain town, but that doesn’t mean we don’t pack a punch with our access to the great outdoors, and in particular, our wide-open spaces. Visit our mountain town in Northwest Colorado between June and September and you will

A ski town founded with Agricultural roots

Have you ever wondered why Steamboat seems to have so much Western flare compared to other Colorado ski towns? Believe it or not, these modern-day characteristics have their roots in the mid nineteenth century, a decade before Colorado was even a state. The

Supporting Local Ag in Routt County

Spring is upon us and that means that harvest season is close at hand! Everyone knows that one of the best things about summer is eating food that is local and fresh. If you are new to the area or visiting town, you may not know where to go to find the best local

Colorado is hands down one of the best vacation destinations for families, no matter where you come from. For flatlanders, the majesty of the mountains and the slower mountain lifestyle make the Centennial State an appealing and relaxing vacation spot. As a local, I’m pretty sure that the term

by Kaitlyn Kinshella

If you live or ski in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, chances are that this year you have had the following conversation with someone:

“Wow! We are getting amazing snow so far this year.”

“I know! It is so much better than last year.”

“Yeah, that’s because it is supposed to be an

With a pair of snowshoes strapped to your feet, you’ve got a whole new world to explore - and it’s as easy as walking. When it comes to selecting the ultimate routes for wandering the Narnia-like wonderland in and around Steamboat Springs, Colorado, these trails are the area’s cream of the crop.

Returning to Steamboat for its 35th year, MusicFest is bringing the heat to the Rockies with 6 days and 200+ hours of live music. Worlds will again collide as MusicFest serves up the best Texas and Americana music to the snowy peaks at Steamboat Ski Resort for a full week of grooving on and off the

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